What is Green Cremation and Is It Right for You?

Posted on June 13, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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If you want to hold cremation services in Indian Trail, NC, several cremation types are open to you. However, one gaining a lot of popularity recently is green cremation.

Generally, cremation has become the predominant way to dispose of the dead in the US and other parts of the globe. This increasing preference for cremation is happening for good reasons. First, cremations are much cheaper to organize than the traditional burial that used to be popular.

Then, people have become more environmentally conscious and apply this awareness in their choice of methods to dispose of their dead loves. Furthermore, with cremation, survivors are afforded lots of flexibility in organizing the funeral and can enjoy a smoother grieving process.

However, as it becomes more popular, different cremation styles are emerging. One such type is green cremation.

What is Green Cremation?

We know that traditional cremations involve subjecting the body to extreme fire. But rather than fire, green cremation involves immersing the body in hot water mixed with potassium hydroxide to reduce the body to bones. Technically, the process is called alkaline hydrolysis.

The process involved in green cremation is essentially what happens naturally to the human body when buried in the ground. However, green cremation makes it happen in a few hours rather than take several years. It is also referred to as hydro-cremation, flameless cremation, and bio-cremation.

Is Green Cremation Right for You?

To answer whether green cremation is right for you, you need to take a look at the benefits that it offers and whether they are perks that you desire. Here discussed are the advantages:

Very Environmentally Friendly: If traditional cremation is preferable because it is eco-friendly, green cremation takes that to a higher level. Research states that green cremations can eliminate up to 75% of the carbon footprints generated by traditional cremations. Furthermore, with green cremation, there is no instance of the mercury emissions that flame-based cremations produce.

Finally, green cremation consumes only a tiny bit of the energy needed to carry out normal cremations.

Exceedingly Affordable: One of the biggest concerns in modern America is the cost of disposing of deceased loved ones. Traditional funeral ceremonies can set the family back as much as $11,000. Traditional cremations, advertised as the cheaper alternative, aren’t so inexpensive as they cost around $6,000.

Green cremations may provide the solution here. Spending only between $1,000 and $2,500, families can organize colorful green cremation services for their departed relatives.

You Still Get the Benefits of Traditional Cremation: The reasons why traditional cremations have become popular in America and globally include the fact that they are less complex than a traditional funeral. Then, they afford the family a great deal of flexibility. Furthermore, family members can take the ashes of their loved ones with them, creating an ‘eternal’ connection.cremation services in Indian Trail, NC,

They still get all these benefits with green cremation in addition to saving a lot and also benefiting the planet.

Simple and Less: We need to acknowledge that many people don’t go for cremation because of the thought of what it entails. That is, the body of their loved one will get burned.

However, you don’t have to subject their body to intense fire with green cremation. In fact, green cremation brings about the body’s natural decomposition but simply speeds it up.


While several people are generally going for cremation services in Indian Trail, NC, you’ll quickly notice that green cremation as a niche is gaining ground. The combination of eco-friendliness, extreme affordability, and others is a big draw for survivors of deceased persons. Is green cremation right for you? Check the benefits above again to decide.