Helping A Loved One Grieve Through Cremation Services

Posted on October 11, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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There aren’t many things (if there are any at all) in life that are harder to deal with than losing a loved one. And when a member of your family passes on and goes through cremation services in Matthews, NC, you and many others in your family are going to be grieving. While you are sad the person is gone, there might be someone else that was even closer to them. Keep in mind that everyone grieves in their own way and on their own timeline. You can’t expect your family member to be on the exact same wavelength as you, even though you both lost the same person. If you see them struggling with their grief, here are some things you can do.

Grieve With Them

It’s nice for your family member to feel that they are not alone. While your relationship with the person who died is different and, therefore, so is your grief, you are still going to miss them. You’re someone who knew them well and you can relate to your family member in their own grief. Getting together, sharing stories, crying, hugging, and being there for each other can push you both in the right direction on the grieving process.

Let Them Set The Pace

You might move along in your grief, but your family member doesn’t seem to be going as fast—that’s okay. Everyone is different. Don’t push them to be where you are too quickly. Instead, let them set the pace on what they do and don’t do. You might feel ready for a night on the town while they just want to meet for a quiet dinner. Let them do what feels comfortable to them and support them in that.

Offer Grief Support Resources

Even if you weren’t the one who worked with the funeral home on the cremation services, you can still contact themcremation services in Matthews, NC and get grief support resources for your family member. If they seem to want to get some extra help, offer them a list of counselors in the area or point them to a grief support group that might help them to feel less along in what they are going through. There are even simple things like websites they can visit and online support groups they can join in on when they feel the need.

There are plenty of ways you are going to see the grief cycle through your own life as you deal with the loss of a loved one and cremation services in Matthews, NC. When you grieve, keep an eye on the others around you who are also grieving and help them as much as you can. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services have plenty of advice for helping those who are grieving and you are welcome to call us whenever you need help. We make the final services happen for you, but we also want to support those on the outskirts of the situation who need us.