Types of Cremation Services

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Cremation is a common practice in the United States. There’s a reason cremations are becoming so popular worldwide, from economic effectiveness and environmental benefits to flexibility in choices and scheduling! And cremation services in Waxhaw, NC are available to assist you. But did you know that cremation comes in a variety of forms? Just like “whiskey” can refer to a variety of drinks ranging from “rye” to “bourbon,” The phrase “cremation” covers a wide range of procedures.

Traditional Cremation

When you think of cremation, you typically think of traditional cremation, a funeral service followed by cremation, and they are the closest to conventional burials. Traditional cremations often include a visitation or wake within two or three days of the death.

Traditional cremations are slightly more expensive than other varieties because the body is present for the funeral, wake, and visitation. The presence of the body necessitates the purchase of embalming and a casket. The embalming technique preserves the body for viewing, and funerals and visitations require a coffin rather than a simple cremation box or urn. Some of these options, such as burial or interment, are more expensive. The ashes can be buried, entombed, scattered, or displayed after the funeral and cremation.

Memorial Cremation

The only difference between a memorial and traditional cremation is that the body is not present during the service.

No embalming or coffin purchase is required with memorial cremation because the body is cremated immediately after death without a viewing or funeral. Because the decomposing body does not dictate a timeframe, the memorial ceremony can be held later, perhaps even weeks later.

In other cases, the body is present at the monument in the form of a cremation urn. Alternatively, the family can display images of the deceased. The bones are usually returned to the family shortly before the memorial to be interred, scattered, or displayed after the event.

Although memorial cremations save money on embalming and caskets, memorial services are still expensive to plan and perform. Cremation with a memorial ceremony is a means to pay tribute to a loved one’s memories in the same way that a funeral service would.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a cost-effective and efficient method of disposition. In direct cremation, the body is incinerated immediately after death, and there is no memorial or service after that. This saves money on service planning and hosting. Although cremation is expensive, it is usually covered by a single flat fee covering everything from transportation through the cremation process.

A direct cremation service is the most straightforward of cremation alternatives. The body is cremated approximately 48 hours after death. There is usually no embalming because this cost-effective option does not include a memorial or funeral service.

If you can’t decide between cremation and burial, the funeral director may proceed with the embalming process. If you don’t want your loved one embalmed, make sure to let the funeral home know. Your loved one’s ashes will be deposited in an urn and carefully returned to you after cremation.

Witnessed Cremationcremation services in Waxhaw, NC

During this rite, only a few family members can accompany their loved ones into the cremator. They can say their final goodbyes at this service. It also allows them to contribute to any last-minute souvenirs. People chose this service to alleviate their worries of being cremated. The family can assure respectful handling of their loved one’s remains by witnessing the act.


If you’re considering cremation, you have a wide range of choices. There is no right or wrong answer. Only what is best for you and your family is essential, and cremation services in Waxhaw, NC can help with these decisions.

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