Reasons To Consider Urns For Cremation Services

Posted on September 20, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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When you buy a package for cremation services in Waxhaw, NC, either for your loved one or for yourself in advance if you are pre-planning, the package itself will come with everything you have to have, including a simple container for the remains. However, you are also able to add whatever you want to that package. One of the most popular things to add is an urn for the remains to be used instead of the provided simple container. Here are a few reasons you might want to add an urn.

Reason 1: Remains Will Be Present At The Memorial

If you want to have a memorial for your loved one, or you want one for yourself in the future, and you want the remains present at that service, it’s nice to have an urn that looks nice. You can display it at the front of the room or place it in the back, surrounded by pictures and other items on the memorial table. There are so many options for urns you can find something that represents your loved one’s style and personality.

Reason 2: To Transport The Remains

If you want to take your loved one’s remains to another location for scattering, or you’re asking your family to take you on a trip after you pass on before scattering, you might want a nice urn for that transporting process. Urns are very sturdy and if you get the right material and the right lid, they won’t spill even if they do tip over. If the remains are going to move around much, it’s wise to have a nice urn to help with that process.

Reason 3: To Keep The Remains At Home

If you’d like for a family member to keep your remains, or you want to keep your loved one, having them in a nice urn instead of just a simple container (which is kind of like a nice box) is often a good move. You can get something that goes with the home and shows their personality at the same time. The remains are safer and fit in with the home nicely.

cremation services in Waxhaw, NC

Reason 4: To Honor The Memory

You may also just want an urn in order to honor your loved one’s memory. If you want to do some special things for them after their death, buying a nice urn might feel like a lovely way to pay tribute to them.

When you are working on final service plans, either for a loved one or yourself in advance, all you need for cremation services in Waxhaw, NC is a simple package with the funeral home. But you can add whatever you want to that package and many people decide to add an urn. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services are here to go over urn details and options with you. We can help guide you to the right choice. You can get that product from us, or you can go to another vendor—it’s completely up to you.