Can a Body Go Straight from a Hospital to a Crematorium?

Posted on June 27, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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Most cremation services in Waxhaw, NC fall into the category of traditional cremations. Traditional cremations are somewhat similar to traditional funerals. For instance, they usually consist of a funeral service being held before the incineration of the body is done. Thus, we have a case where the deceased family takes the corpse to a funeral home.

The body can be deposited here for a while before the cremation service and is properly prepared and dressed before the service is held. However, a growing trend is emerging in cremation services in Waxhaw, NC and other places in the country.

This new trend involves moving the body from the hospital or death place straight to the crematorium without first depositing it in a funeral home. Is this appropriate? Should you try it with the body of a loved one? We answer these questions here.

When Does the Body Move from the Hospital to the Crematorium?

The most common instance in which the body moves from the hospital or place of death straight to the crematorium is in direct cremation. While cremations have become exceedingly popular, different forms and styles of carrying them out have emerged, one of which is direct cremation.

Direct cremation entails cremating the body almost immediately after death without holding a funeral or memorial service. The custom in traditional funerals is that a ceremony is held right before the burial where families, friends, and well-wishers commemorate the deceased’s life.

We have adopted this practice with cremations, with a service holding before taking the body to the retort or cremation chamber.

However, direct cremation does away with these and involves directly cremating the body shortly after death, without any events. This can happen within hours or, at most, a few days after death. As a result, there is no need to embalm the body.

Should You Take the Body from the Hospital to the Crematorium?

In essence, should you go for direct cremation? Of course, the choice will be based on your preferences, but direct cremation presents some benefits, which include the following:

Very Affordable: The costs of disposing of a loved one have been a source of concern in America as they are constantly rising. While traditional funerals cost up to $11,000, traditional cremations expected to be cheaper aren’t inexpensive either. Instead, they can set families back by $6,500 or more.

Direct cremations save you from all this financial stress as they only cost about $2,300.

Simple and Straightforward: Direct cremations are exceedingly simple and direct. They don’t involve the complex arrangements and preparations that characterize traditional burials or cremations. Thus, families don’t have to deal with funeral homes or directors. In addition, they don’t have to organize ceremonies that will require people coming in from distant places.cremation services in Waxhaw, NC

Flexible and Less Evasive: With traditional funeral systems, families have to deal with the evasion of their private spaces immediately after the death of their loved ones. As a result, their focus is on organizing the funeral event and receiving visitors, but not properly mourning the deceased.

However, with the events done away with, they can concentrate on appreciating the dead person’s life and recovering from the loss.


Cremations have become a lot like traditional burials. They involve a lot of events and can cost a lot. But cremation services in Waxhaw, NC are following another path and now involve taking the body from the hospital to the crematorium.

We have outlined the benefits of this direct cremation system, and as such, you can decide if it is right for you.