Who To Include In Cremation Service Plans?

Posted on November 11, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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Making plans for cremation services in Charlotte, NC in advance is different than planning your own funeral in that you can do whatever you’d like. Things don’t have a set timeline or structure and you have nearly endless options. As you sit down to make the plans, you will be thinking about what you want, but it’s also important to consider what your loved ones will need at that stage to say a final goodbye and get closure to move on. Sometimes, that just means planning the right type of service. Other times, it could mean including certain people in certain parts of the service. Here are some ideas to help you out.

cremation services in Charlotte, NC

Remember Important Guests

You don’t want to exclude anyone who might want to honor your memory so the guests you wish to invite are important to the cremation service planning. You could ask to have a memorial service open to the public so no one is left out at all. If there are certain people that you for sure want invited, even to a more closed service, you can list them and give the contact information you have. That could include long distant friends that your family might not know about, for example.

Honor Loved Ones With Parts

You know any type of service is hard for family members to get through, but you can convey your thoughts about those people by asking them to do certain parts in the service. Perhaps ask your best friend to read a poem or make a statement about your friendship. Have your favorite sister-in-law work on the reception because you’ve always loved her cooking. Try to bring the best out in the people you love with the parts you give them so you can remind them the things you loved about them when you were there.

Let Family Decide

It’s hard to predict what will happen after you are gone. If you are organizing your cremation services at a young age, it could be decades before you use the plans. In that case, you don’t know who in your life will pass on before you or who you might be close to at that time. You could leave the decisions of who does what up to your family based on what they know about you when you pass on. You can certainly trust those closest to you to do as they think you’d appreciate most.

When you are planning cremation services in Charlotte, NC, talk to your family about what they might like to see happen and consult with the professionals at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services for ideas and options. As you get started, call us at (704) 846-3771 and we can answer your questions and set you up with a time to visit with our funeral director in person. You can visit our facilities at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 for a tour and to get details about the options and choices you can make in advance.

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