Tips For Attending Traditional Cremation Services

Posted on December 28, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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There are lots of different types of cremation services in Waxhaw, NC. Once direct cremation is complete, the family can have whatever type of memorial service they want. If you hear that the services are going to be on the traditional side, that means they will feel more like a funeral and you can treat it more in that manner. Here are some tips for attending a service of that nature.

Bring A Sympathy Gift

While it’s not absolutely necessary, and your presence is often plenty, bringing something to the traditional cremation service is a nice gesture. You know, as a traditional service, there will likely be a basket for cards and other such things, or you can send flowers to the funeral home for the service as well. It’s a nice extra step to show your sympathy, especially if you can’t make the service or if the person or their family meant a lot to you.

Always Turn Phones Off

You never want your phone going off in the middle of a service. That service is important, and you need to treat it with utmost respect. Turn your phone completely off when you enter the funeral home or leave it in the car. If you’re a doctor on call or something important, you can leave the phone on vibrate, but otherwise, make sure the phone is out of the way and won’t be a nuisance to anyone around you.

Arrive On Time

There could always be circumstances that force you into being late, but if at all possible, do your absolute best to arrive a little early so you can get a seat and not have to sneak in the back door late after the service has started. You don’t want to disturb anyone, and you want to show your respect in all situations. Being on time is a great way to start in the right direction.

Follow Along With Traditions

No matter what the family does in the services, you should follow along with it. If they sing a hymn, stand and sing along out of respect for what they want. These are their traditions and you are there to participate in whatever they wanted for their loved on. You can have your own memorial in your own way later, if you please. But this is their memorial and they wanted certain things for a reason.

cremation services in Waxhaw, NC

These are just a few things you might want to do in order to fit in and appreciate cremation services in Waxhaw, NC that are more on the traditional side. You will also want to wear the proper attire, like something you would wear to church or a business meeting, so you feel like you are appropriate in every way. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services can help you with tips on what to wear, what to bring, what to say, how to act, and everything in between. Give us a call when you are going to attend services and we can help with advice.

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