Myth Busting For Cremation Services

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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If you’ve never planned cremation services in Monroe, NC before, you may have heard a lot of things about the process that aren’t really true. There’s a lot of information out there, but there’s also a lot of misinformation. Before you drag your feet about planning your own final services, or something for a love done who has passed on, take a look at these cremation service myths and learn the truth.

cremation services in Monroe, NC

Myth 1: Cremation Services Are Complicated

This myth is a hard one because it can be true, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Cremation services can actually be quite simple. You don’t have to have a service at all, or you can just have something with close family, like an ash scattering ceremony. The beauty that comes with cremation is that you are able to do whatever kind of service you want. You can keep things very simple and straightforward if that is what you want for your loved one.

Myth 2: Cremation Service Plans Are Depressing

If you are planning a final service of any kind, you are likely sad. Either you have lost a loved one or you are looking into the future to when you will pass on yourself. But the plans don’t have to be depressing. With cremation, you can make the final goodbye into something positive by planning a celebration of life that will go over happy memories and good times. Instead of making the final goodbye into something somber, remember the life well-lived.

Myth 3: Cremation Planning Takes A Long Time

Another benefit of cremation services is that you can plan whatever you’d like to have happen at whatever time and in whatever location. There’s no timeline for cremation services. Once the cremation is complete, you can have the service whenever you want. It can take a long time, if you wish to do something elaborate, but it’s also something you can plan in as little as an afternoon when everything lines up and you want to keep things simple. You don’t have to stop your life for months to get plans into place.

Myth 4: Pre-Plans Are Only For The Ill Or The Old

You really never know what’s going to happen from day to day and it’s better to be prepared than caught unaware. If you want your family to be burden-free whenever you pass away, planning in advance is a nice thing to do, no matter how young or healthy you are.

When you hear something you think might be a myth about cremation services in Monroe, NC, you’re welcome to contact the professionals at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services to ask about it. Give us a call at (704) 846-3771 and we’ll help you weed the truth out from the myths you might have heard. You can also visit with our funeral director if you are ready to make pre-plans for yourself. We’re located at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 and we’re here to help with whatever type of plans you want to put into place.

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