Funeral Home Memorial Service Ideas

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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Funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC

Funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC are there to offer a variety of services so when you lose a loved one, you can honor them in whatever way you see fit. If you decide to have a memorial service, either after a cremation or even after a direct burial, the funeral home will certainly implement your plans and help you in any possible way. There are lots of different things you might want to include in such a service. Here are a few ideas.

A Memorial Table

This is sometimes the best part of a memorial service. The table will be filled with things like pictures, trophies, books, and other things that will remind friends and family of your loved one. This is something you might put together yourself, but you can also get input from others. Have family member contribute items or pictures that they appreciate. Figure out how much space you have available and fill it with unique things that will make your loved one’s personality and style really come out at the service.

A Video Tribute

Another special, unique part of a memorial service is often the video tribute. You can have slides of photos and videos silently running throughout the memorial to be a background that people can look at the whole time. You can also make it a part of the service and put special music behind the photos and videos. You could even interview some family members with special memories of the loved one to include. This is a nice thing to play at the service, but it can also be a very nice memorial piece. You can copy off DVDs for anyone who wants one or send out a link so people can watch the video again in the future.

Funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC

Plan A Reception

While the memorial service revolves around your loved one and honoring their memory, it can be nice to gather with family and friends and spend more time together after. The reception is often more light-hearted and a time to catch up, take pictures with one another, share more memories, get hugs, and have a nice time. You can do something in someone’s home, book a room in a restaurant, do something in the community center with food that you bring in, or whatever else you’d like to do. It’s a nice way for your family to be together for longer in a place where they can talk and exchange support.

When you work with funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC on a memorial service, this is just the beginning of the ideas. You can get lots of suggestions once they get to know you and what you might like. You can take or leave those ideas, of course. The ultimate decisions are completely up to you. Then, the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services will support whatever you decide and help you to carry out the services you want for that special person in your life who has passed on.

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