Celebration of Life Ceremonies

Posted on July 25, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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Losing a loved one is a hard thing for people to go through. It can happen so suddenly and leave you in a tough spot financially and emotionally. No matter when or how it happens, families will want to come together to say goodbye to their loved ones at a funeral. But sometimes funerals can make the pain that the family is already going through worse. Celebration of life ceremonies focuses on the good parts of a person’s life. They are meant to be happy events that call for celebration instead of tears. If you and your family are interested in honoring your loved one this way, cremation services in Indian Trail, NC are willing to help you.

What Is a Celebration of Life Ceremony?

Funerals and celebration of life ceremonies are the same. The difference between the two lies in what each one entails. The celebration of life ceremony is all about focusing on the good a person did in their life instead of the fact that they are gone. A celebration of life ceremony allows you to bring up the good and fun memories of a person’s life. You, friends, and family can spend the entire ceremony just laughing and joking about the type of person your loved one was when they were living.

How Do You Host a Celebration of Life Ceremony?

As is stated above, a celebration of life ceremonies and funerals are very similar. A celebration of life ceremony can take place of the funeral, or it can be an entirely separate event. That is up to your family. One thing to remember about the celebration of life ceremony is that the body of your deceased relative doesn’t even need to be present for this event. Not only that, but this event can happen days, weeks, and even months after your loved one has passed away.

Just like any other event that is planned to help celebrate the life of a loved one, there are several things to keep in mind. The details of the event are up to your and your family, but there are some things you will want to make your address before hosting the event.

  • Where will the ceremony take place? – This is a key part of the planning of a celebration of life ceremony. You and your family will want to pick a place that you feel will properly honor the life of your loved one. That could be a church, park, or a place that was special to them while they were alive.
  • When will the ceremony take place? – The timing is also very important. Remember: this event does not have to take place immediately after the death of your loved one. It can happen whenever you want.
  • Who are you inviting to the ceremony? To keep the event as calm and peaceful as possible, you will want to invite people who you feel will increase the mood. That could be friends, coworkers, family, whoever. That choice is yours.
  • Details: speakers, music, food, and beverages? – If the event is happening months after the death of your loved one, and you want to turn it into more of a picnic/outdoor celebration, you will need to figure out all these details. Will someone speak? Will there be food and beverages? These are important things to consider.

How Do I Know if a celebration of life ceremony is for me?cremation services in Indian Trail, NC

If you and your family are looking for a way to keep the mood light and the spirits high while honoring your loved one, then a celebration of life ceremony may be what you are after. It does stray from tradition, but it is still a good thing.

Celebration of life ceremonies are not new, but they are growing in popularity as more people want to have positive celebrations of their loved one’s life. If you are looking for more information, cremation services in Indian Trails, NC can help you.