Are Funeral Homes Or Crematories The Best Option?

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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When you are in charge of final services after a loved one passes on, you have to contact a Mint Hill, SC funeral home or a crematory of some kind. Which should you call? That depends on what you need and what services you expect. However, if you aren’t sure what you want yet, working with a funeral home is in your best interest. Here’s why you should start with a funeral home no matter what:  

Mint Hill, SC funeral home

Get All Of The Options You Might Need 

If you aren’t sure as to whether you’ll go with burial or cremation yet, a funeral home is the best choice. A crematory does cremations and that’s it. Funeral homes can generally do either so you can hear about all of the options and choose the best fit. You also have service options with a funeral home. If you go with cremation and choose a crematory, you get the cremation service, but that’s it. The funeral home can do the cremation as well, but they can also assist you with whatever type of memorial service you want.  

Compassionate Service All The Way 

Crematories are a bit more impersonal since all you have to do is make arrangements with them by phone and they can take care of the cremation process. Funeral homes have a more personal touch and during a difficult time, you need all the compassion you can get. You can speak with the funeral director by the phone or in person and talk through all of the issues of the final service so you can feel certain about your decisions.  

A Concrete Location 

While crematories have physical locations, they don’t necessarily welcome guests to visit them on a regular basis. Funeral homes, on the other hand, do. If you want to visit the funeral home to make arrangements, that’s encouraged. If you want to have a memorial service at the funeral home, there’s space for that as well. Their location allows you to factor in more service details with family members so you can take care of everything in once place.  

Choosing a funeral home in Mint Hill, SC can feel like a challenge, but you only have to reach out to Heritage Funeral And Cremation Services at (704) 846-3771 and you will know you are making a wise choice. Our friendly, compassionate representatives are here to talk you through any situation you are in. We understand that you are going through a hard time and we will help you get to the other side of the fog. We won’t let you forget any details and we’ll lay all of the options out for you so you can make an informed decision every step of the way. If you want to visit us in person, stop by 3700 Forest Lane Dr, Matthews, NC 28104. We’re happy to speak with you in person, show you the spaces we have available, and work with you to get the services set up for your loved one, just as you want them to be. 

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