Writing A Sympathy Letter For Funeral Home Services

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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When you hear that someone you know has lost a loved one, you want to reach out to them and relay your sympathy for them. Funeral homes in Matthews, NC advise you to consider sending them a card or letter that gives your condolences. Whether you are able to go to the funeral in person or not, you can send a card and let the person know you are thinking of them and care about them during this hard time. Here are some tips from the professionals to help you write just the right things.

Focus On Their Loss 

Even if it’s been a while since you caught up with this particular friend, you don’t want to use this card or letter to ask them what they’ve been up to or catch them up with your life, either. This card is just about their loss. That’s the focus of this correspondence. If you want to check in at another time and catch up in other ways, that’s a nice thing to do. But not right now and not in this card.

Keep A Sympathetic Tone 

You want your sympathy to come across so make sure you keep the tone of the card sympathetic at all times. Let them know that you are sorry for their loss and that you are thinking of them during this hard time. You don’t have to say much more than that to remind them that you are there and that you care about them.

Offer Specific Help 

If you want to let your friend know that you are willing to help, you can offer that help through this card or letter. Offer something specific, like help giving their kids rides to and from school and practice or meals for the whole family. Even if you write that in the card, follow up on it later with a phone call since they may not call you to take you up on that offer with so many other things going on in their life.

Keep It Short And To The Point Funeral homes in Matthews, NC

Your friend probably has a lot of things going on with final service plans, family, and getting other cards and letters from other people. You don’t have to write a lot in your card to get the point across. In fact, keeping things short is easier for you, and for them. They don’t have a lot of time to read anything long and you can tell them what you want to say in short order.

If you need more tips on what to write in a sympathy card or letter, contact funeral homes in Matthews, NC and see what advice they will give to you about the process. At Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services, we are here to help people plan final services, but we are also here to help support those who are reaching out to the bereaved. Give us a call any time with any questions you have about either process.