What to Include in Your Loved One’s Obituary

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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After losing someone you love, there are many tasks that must be done. One of these is writing the obituary. One may choose to allow the funeral home or another contractor to write the obituary or may choose to write it themselves. In its simplest form, the obituary will communicate a notice of death. With more information gathered about the person, the obituary can be personalized and shine as a testament to the life of the individual. If you would prefer not to write the obituary and want to know more about services that funeral homes near you may provide, you can find information on the obituary, funeral, and cremation services in Waxhaw, NC.

The Basics

The basic obituary should include fundamental information about the deceased. This includes the deceased’s full name, age, date of death, and place of death. The cause of death may or may not be included based on the writer’s discretion. A short bio should follow including the city of birth and major achievements or accomplishments in life. The individual’s profession may be mentioned. After the biography, the obituary should include members of the family by which the individual is survived. This refers to family members who will go on living after the individual has passed. Then, depending on the audience of the publication, memorial service information will be offered, including the location and time of the service. This may be followed by a donation request and contact information.

Making It Special

You can make your loved one’s obituary exceptional by gathering as much information as possible from those who knew them best. Collect information and stories from friends, family, and companions of the individual. The more material you have about your loved one’s life, the more detailed you can make the obituary. The obituary can then include a biography that highlights the greatest parts of the individual’s life, and also give character and individuality to the article. You may learn things about your family member such as where they volunteered 10 years ago, what sport they played in college, their favorite food, the best city they visited, and their favorite type of music. Friends and family members of the individual can act as wells of knowledge that provide a great deal of information. You can incorporate these experiences to make the obituary stand as a testament to their life and to allow the individual’s essence to shine. At the close of the obituary, a special message may be shared such as a bible verse or quote that conveys the person’s spirituality or what they valued in life.

The purpose of an obituary is to publicly communicate a notice of death. However, there is much more that an obituary may contain that can paint a fond picture of the deceased’s persona

and actions in life. Reading the obituary may bring a tear and a smile to family and friends’ faces as they recall the powerful presence that the individual embodied in life.

To learn about services that funeral homes may offer, including obituary-writing services, contact your local funeral home and cremation services.

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