What To Avoid Saying At A Cremation Services

Posted on October 5, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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When your friends are coming together to support someone in your group who has lost a loved one, there might be a memorial service after cremation services in Matthews, NC are complete. IF they are open to the public, or you were specifically invited, it’s nice to attend to support that person in your life who is grieving. You will most likely only get a short time to speak with them after the service is complete or sometime during the event. You certainly don’t want to say the wrong thing. Here are a few things that can come off the wrong way, so avoid saying them.

It Was Their Time

This might be an okay thing to say to certain people, but it might also come off that the loss was intentional or necessary and that’s not something anyone wants to hear. You don’t want them to blame God or go down any rougher paths because of this idea so don’t bring it up to them.

It Was God’s Plan

This has a similar feel to it as ‘it was their time’. You don’t want to blame the loss on God and make your friend feel like it was on purpose. It also could make them think you feel like you know something more about the loss that you don’t really know. Hard things happen and we don’t always know why and that’s okay.

Try And Stay Strong

Your friend is allowed to feel however they want to or need to feel. If they need to cry, they should. If they want to shut down their emotions, that can happen too. Don’t tell them to be strong when that may not be what’s best for them.

They Are In A Better Place

No matter what you believe, the person who is grieving may very well feel that the best place for their loved one is with them, not anywhere else. So telling them otherwise can make them feel badly towards you.

I Know How You feel

No you don’t. You aren’t them. You didn’t lose the person they lost. Even if they lost a parent and you have lost a parent in the past, you still don’t know how they feel now. Their experience is going to be different than yours, no matter the similarities.

cremation services in Matthews, NC

There are some things that are great stand by things to say and there’s nothing wrong with using one. Telling someone you are sorry for their loss or that you are there for them is simple, true, and can’t go wrong. If you are about to attend cremation services in Matthews, NC, you can certainly call the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services and talk to them about things you should wear, what you should say, things you can bring, and so on. We like to help those who are supporting the bereaved so we can ensure that those people get as much compassion and support as they need.

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