What are Your Options for Disposing of Cremated Remains?

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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The death of a loved one is one of the hardest experiences you will ever go through, and it’s a feeling that never truly heals. However, there are ways that you can better grieve, cope, and heal after a loved one passes away, like scattering their ashes somewhere they loved to go. After cremation services in Indian Trail, NC, you have six weeks to pick up the cremated remains of your loved one, and you have many options as to how you keep them or transport cremated remains to where you dispose of them to find peace of mind during the mourning process.

The most popular option for cremated remains is to scatter them on the winds in the mountains or into ocean waters. It’s often a way to “send off” someone that loved adventure and exploration but, perhaps, never got to travel as much as they wanted.

Keeping someone’s cremated ashes as a memorial to their life? Keepsake urns are great ways to showcase someone’s remains on a mantel or shelf to keep their memory close. If there are multiple loved ones, like siblings or kids, ashes can be divided and distributed in multiple urns.

Scattering vs. Displaying: What’s the Better Option for You and Your Loved Ones?

When it comes to scattering or displaying cremated remains, there’s no linear better option. The final decision should be based on what works for you and the family of the deceased. It’s your choice. Or, in some cases, it could be the choice of the one that died, as many people either preplan their funeral specifications or have a short list of what they want after they die.

Do Cremated Ashes Pose a Threat to the Environment?

Scattering cremated ashes don’t harm the environment. However, some places, such as public beaches, parks, or private land, have restrictions on scattering cremated remains. In some cases, you can schedule a specific time to scatter the ashes of a loved one.

To be sure, you should call the beach, park, or land services where you want to scatter the ashes. Ask about policies and see if it’s doable and allowed before you proceed.

Can You Bury Cremated Remains?

Cremated remains are sterile, so it won’t hurt the environment if you choose to bury the ashes. That said, many people choose to bury a loved one’s ashes in an urn or box instead of simply dumping the remains into the ground.

If you bury cremated remains in a box or urn, the hole needs to be 3 feet deep to accommodate inclement weather and wildlife. It should also be 6 inches wider on each side than the box or urn.funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC This allows a proper burial of 12 inches of soil on the top of the urn to protect it from weather and natural occurrences.

Cremations are a popular method for the disposal of a loved one’s remains after their death. It’s more manageable for family and friends because you can divide the ashes into several different urns, plan a celebration of life to scatter the ashes where your loved one would have wanted, or bury the ashes somewhere special. You have options, and all of them will help you grieve and fondly remember the best times with someone you cared about after they’ve passed on.

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