The Cremation Service Grief Fog

Posted on May 11, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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When a loved one passes away, at first perhaps you just go through the motions, arrange their cremation services in Lancaster, NC, and take care of their needs. You might focus on family members, supporting them, and getting through the services as best you can. However, once all of that stuff is behind you, grief could descend upon you like a heavy fog. How can you get through that fog once it hits in full force?

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People often take a few days off work for bereavement, but those days are usually spent organizing and attending final services. You might even need a day or two to travel back and forth as well. But those events are often busy, and the true grief takes place once you are back at home. In order to help yourself clear at least some of the fog, take a few personal days beyond what you get for bereavement to have more time to get over the loss.

Your emotions are going to be high when you are grieving. That emotional pain can even manifest itself in physical ways. You will need to do what you can to keep up a healthy routine to get yourself through the foggy parts of grief. That means trying to get fresh air, exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of your body. Rest is key, though it can be hard to sleep at times. Treat your body well and the fog will be easier to clear and easier to get through.

Keep in mind that death is traumatic, and it can have a physical impact on your brain as well. Researchers have shown that those who are grieving often see a decreased activity in their hippocampus. That’s part of what makes you feel foggy. You could forget things, like where your keys are, and you may find it hard to focus on things that used to come easily to you.

IT’s easy to feel like your energy is zapped as well, even if you are able to rest. High emotions often lead to fatigue and a sluggish feeling. You want to sleep as much as you can at your regular hours, but it’s okay to let yourself rest during the day as well so you are giving your body what you need to get through the rest of the day ahead of you.

If you are going through cremation services in Lancaster, NC for a loved one, you may already feel the fog of grief around you. Whether that portion of the process has hit yet or not, the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services are here to help. First, we’ll implement your loved one’s services when you call us at (704) 846-3771 and make important decisions. Then, we’ll help you through those services and we’ll stand by you with support and grief resources after, if you need them. Visit us at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 and let us get to know you so we can honor your loved one in a special way.

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