The Basics Of Planning With A Funeral Home

Posted on September 2, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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When you decide to take steps towards planning for the future, that can mean a lot of things. Depending on how far you plan, you might even look at funeral homes in Monroe, NC to help you plan final services. It’s nice to know the basics so you can think about the options and decide on some of the choices you’ll make beforehand. However, that is not necessary. You can also visit with a funeral home professional and decide on things as you go. Here are some of the basics of the planning process that you will go through with the experts.

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The Disposition Method

The very first decision you will have to make regarding your final services is what you want done with your body. Burial is one popular option that happens relatively soon after death and is usually coupled with a traditional funeral. Cremation is the other option and it is just as popular today as burial. You can put the services revolving around cremation on any timeline and there are options for final resting places as well.

Service Style

Many people like to have some sort of service around their disposition method. With traditional burials, it’s usually a standard funeral. With cremation, you can have a memorial service, a celebration of life, an ash scattering, or something else. There can be visitations, public or private events, and graveside services. There are lots of options, depending on which disposition method you choose.

Customized Choices

When you plan your own final services, you have a say in what happens after you pass away. You can plan all of the details, if you’d like, or at least customize some of the options to suit your desires. You might choose pallbearers or someone to speak at your funeral. You might designate a charity for memorial funds or ask that everyone wear a certain color. Whatever you want to customize, now’s the time to make your wishes heard.

Final Resting Place

Depending on what disposition method you choose, you can also designate a final resting place. If you go with burial, you can choose the cemetery and even the exact plot. With cremation, there are more options. You can decide where to have your ashes scattered, what type of urn to have, and who in your family should keep the ashes or whatever else you’d like to have done.

It can be hard to keep all of the details straight, but when you work with the professionals at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services, they can hold the plans for you until you need them in the future, however far off that might be. Working with funeral homes in Monroe, NC gives you the opportunity to go over the options in detail and choose just the right fit for your family and your personality. You can call us for details at (704) 846-3771 or set up a time to come meet with our funeral director at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104.

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