Should You Pre-Plan Cremation Services Now?

Posted on October 14, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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You might think that pre-planning cremation services in Lancaster, NC is for the elderly or for those with a terminal illness that is bringing their life to an end. But the answer to this question is a resounding yes and it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your health is like. Anyone of any age is able to plan their cremation services and, in fact, there are distinct benefits of planning yours now instead of waiting until you are older or ill. Here are some of those benefits:

cremation services in Lancaster, NC

Benefit 1: Clear Mindedness

While you are young and healthy, you know you can think with a clear mind. You might know what you want and you can put the plans together with ease. When you age, you don’t know what’s going to happen. You might be struck with dementia or another ailment that takes over your mind. You might also get ill and be unable to decide things for yourself at all. Now is the time to plan your own cremation because you can. It’s as simple as that.

Benefit 2: Peace Of Mind

No one really likes to think about the end of their life, but if you’ve found yourself worrying about what will happen to your family and others around you when it happens (whenever that might be), planning your own services can give you the peace of mind you need to move forward with ease. You do other things to plan ahead, like buy life insurance. Why not plan your cremation services to plan that part out as well? You can pre-pay, if you want, and take that burden from your family at the same time.

Benefit 3: Prepare For The Inevitable

There are a lot of things you have in your life just in case. You have to have car insurance, but you may never get into an accident and actually use its benefits. You have to have house insurance, but again, you may never have a fire or another event that causes you to need it. You prepare for those things, just in case. You are young and healthy now and not really thinking about death, but at the same time, in the back of your mind, you know it’s going to happen eventually. You will use cremation services someday so by planning now, you are planning for something you know is going to happen at some point.

When you are working on planning your cremation services in Lancaster, NC, recognize the benefits of planning it now while you are still young and healthy. Anyone can plan their services and there’s no need to wait for a certain age or for an illness to hit. Instead, contact Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services now at (704) 846-3771 and get started on your plans. You can meet with our funeral director at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 and go over what you want so the plans can be all laid out and ready to roll whenever that time comes.

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