Other Services Offered by Funeral Homes

Posted on March 7, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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Most people have experienced the loss of a loved one and know the process of a funeral. Funeral homes provide a service in which loved ones can gather to pay respects to the deceased and celebrate their life. However, funeral homes in your area offer many other services that you may not know of. There are a variety of services to opt into when you call the funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC.

Removal of Deceased From The Home

When losing a loved one in your home or elsewhere, no one should have to go through the stress of moving and caring for the deceased’s body. This is why funeral homes are on-call 24/7 to remove the deceased from the place of death and transport them to the funeral home. After communicating with the family, the home can then begin preparations for their funeral, memorial, or other chosen service. Funeral homes are prepared for these kinds of requests and take great care when receiving these deeply sensitive calls.

Communicate With Important Contacts

As the funeral or other service is being planned, funeral homes want to take the stress of planning off of the family. This is why families can choose for the home to take charge of contacting the cemetery and/or crematory. The funeral home will work out the specifics of locating a place of burial. The tasks deferred can also include cost inquiry of burial plots and caskets and grave customization. The home will also take care of contacting any requested entertainers, musicians, clergymen/clergywomen, or special groups such as veteran organizations who may be requested to be present at the service.

Supply Memorial Products

The funeral home will usually offer an array of memorial products to help commemorate the memory of the deceased at the service. These products may include guest books, prayer cards, and thank-you cards. Some specialty services like memorial videos or DVDs and arranging of photo collages or photo-framing are also offered. Flowers and arrangements with flower cards may be provided upon request as well.

The composure of The Obituary

If requested, the funeral home may write your loved one’s obituary. The obituary is a notice of death to the public, and frequently includes a compilation of biographical information. In some

cases, personal stories and the cause of death are included, as well as who the deceased is survived by. Often, the obituary also includes memorial service information. Upon request, the funeralfuneral homes in Indian Trail, NC home will write the obituary and send it to newspapers or other requested publications.

Funeral homes do more than just provide formal funeral or memorial ceremonies. When losing a loved one, funeral homes are your resource for assistance that will make a very difficult time easier to bear. Choosing to opt-in for the services listed above can take the stress off of the family and allow you to focus on commemorating your loved one. You can learn about the services above and more when you connect with funeral homes.

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