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Posted on April 22, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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If you have decided to go with cremation for yourself as part of a pre-plan you are setting up, that’s a big step in the process. However, not every cremation in Fort Mill, NC is the same. You can choose certain services and options to go around the cremation itself and when you plan in advance, you have the opportunity to plan as much or as little as you’d like. Here are some options to consider:  

cremation in Fort Mill, NC

Services Before Cremation 

If you want to be cremated, but you like the traditions and ideas that go with funeral services as well, you can actually have both. You can have a visitation and even a full funeral before the cremation takes place. Your family doesn’t have to buy a casket, but can rather rent one for that service and then you can go into cremation after that takes place. Some families find those funeral rituals to be very comforting and a good opportunity to say goodbye.  

Services After Cremation 

If you’d rather not have a funeral service before cremation, you can go with direct cremation instead. This type of cremation means that after you pass on, you go to cremation rather quickly without having any services beforehand. That does not mean, however, that you can’t have a number of service options after the cremation. You could, for example, go through cremation and then set up a memorial for after that. You could also have a simple ash scattering service with your close family members. You could even have several ceremonies, if you’d like. There are no limitations around the types of services you can have.  

While some people may feel that services before and after cremation are limiting, that’s not at all the case. It’s true that there is no longer a physical body, that has been reduced to ashes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t honor someone with other services, like memorials, intimate ash scatterings, and other such things.  

Since you are thinking about your services in advance and creating a pre-plan with a funeral home, you are able to decide as much of the plan as you’d like. If you know you want cremation and that’s all you care about, so be it. If you want to create a plan that includes a funeral before cremation or a memorial service after, you can do that as well. The options are there and it’s all up to you.  

When you are ready to talk about Fort Mint, NC cremation with professionals, contact Heritage Funeral And Cremation Services by calling (704) 846-3771 to set up a time to speak with our funeral director in person. We’re located at 3700 Forest Lane Dr, Matthews, NC 28104 and we’re happy to go over options with you so you can make informed decisions. There’s no rush and you’re able to take the information home with you, talk to your family, and mull it over for a while. We’ll move on forming the plans as quickly or slowly as you’d like. 

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