Natural Steps In Grieving

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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You may have hard about the stages of grief and when you lose a loved one, and they go through cremation services in Waxhaw, NC, you might read up on those stages to see where you are and how you can help yourself through the stages. However, you need to keep in mind that not everyone grieves in the same way. Some people may breeze by or skip a step entirely while other people get stuck in a certain step. Some people might also move through one step and then have to move back to that stage later. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, really. But these are some of the grieving steps that make sense, even if you don’t take them in the same order as someone else might.


-Accept The Loss As Real

It’s important to accept that your loved one has died and they aren’t coming back. It might feel good to deny it, for a while, but if you are going to heal and move forward, you will have to accept this fact of life. Having final services of some kind can really help you get the closure you need. That’s one of the many reasons why people do just that.


-Process The Pain

Grieving can be very painful and you will need to find a way to process and deal with that pain. Losing a loved one isn’t something you’re going to ‘get over,’ but rather something you are going to have to learn to live with. The pain will ease, bit by bit, as time goes by, but you’re always going to feel that loss and that’s something you will have to process.


-Adjust To A New Normal

Your life is never going to be the same without your loved one and you know it. You are going to have to adjust to a new sense of normal. If your loved one was always the one you called with something weird happened at work, you are going to have to find a new way to vent. Perhaps there’s another family member you can call or maybe you’d feel better about writing letters to your loved one to vent your emotions. This new normal is going to take time to acquire.


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-Establish Connections With Others

Since your loved one is gone, you are going to feel your connections with other people become even more important. You need others to get through this hard time. While there are going to be times you want to be alone, and that’s okay, try not to isolate yourself, but instead reach out to others who are important to you. Those connections and feeling loved at this time are very important.


When you have cremation services in Waxhaw, NC for a loved one, the grieving is going to come in waves and there are many different steps you might take and stages you might go through. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services have grief resources they can pass along to you if you need the help.

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