Making Traditional Funeral Home Services Unique

Posted on October 4, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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If you like the idea of traditional services for a loved one who has passed on, funeral homes in Matthews, NC know just how to get everything set up for that. But you also likely want to do something that feels unique and special for your loved one. Can you make a traditional service feel different for them? Of course you can. Here are some things you can do.

Choose The Music

Music is often an integral part of a funeral service. A lot of times, you will have people sing hymns together, but you can choose other songs as well. Perhaps your loved one had a special hymn they enjoyed or another song that would be fitting. Choose a song with lyrics that matched your loved one’s personality. The music you play can make the funeral have the exact feel you want.

Customize The Reading

There are also often Bible verses, poems, or other things read at final services. You can customize those to be fitting to your loved one and that can also help make the service feel special. There are favorites that are often used at funerals so if you go for something unique that suits your loved one, that can make it feel more special.

Have People Speak

Not only what is read is important, but also the person that reads it. You might also want someone to give a eulogy for your loved one. The person who does that is very important to the overall feel of the service. Have a family friend who you know speaks in public for their job take on the task or someone else you know would do a good job at highlighting your loved one’s personality in a unique way.

Include Family In Other Ways

There are other things your family can do during the service to make it stand out. You can have grandkids light candles, cousins tend to the guestbook, friends greet guests, and so on. The more family you include, the more unique the day will feel because of the people involved in the event.

funeral homes in Matthews, NC

Put Up Pictures

Since the funeral revolves around your loved one, having pictures of them throughout the room can be a nice way to honor them and make the space look different than it does on other occasions. You can place a big photo of them up front and snapshots on boards in the back. It’s a nice way to remind everyone who they are there for.

Even if you do the exact same thing that someone else has done for a funeral in the past, it’s going to be unique and special because this time, it revolves around your loved one and the life they led. The professionals at funeral homes in Matthews, NC are there to help you customize the services in any way you’d like. Contact Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services when you need final services for a loved one and they will be in good hands throughout the process.