Losing A Co-Worker

Posted on May 4, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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It can be downright hard to run your office when a certain co-worker has to call in sick. But when someone passes on within your working ranks and your staff goes to funeral homes in Lancaster, NC, it can be even harder. Co-workers are often friends, or, at the very least, someone you respect and have to work alongside on a daily basis. Honoring their memory while carrying on with your job can be hard. Here are a few tips to help you balance it all.

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Have Patience, With Yourself And Others

You may be unsure as to how you feel and unsure as to how you should carry on. Keep in mind that others around you may be feeling the same way. People react to death differently and when it’s a co-worker and there are strange boundaries between friendship and acquaintance, it’s hard to know what to do and how to act. Your office may not feel the same or quite some time, even weeks or months. Be patient with yourself in figuring out how you feel as well as those around you.

Cover, Don’t Replace

Out of respect for the person who passed on, it might be best if you don’t try to replace them immediately with someone new. It can be hard on everyone to cover their job until you hire someone, but it’s also often the better answer over trying to find another person right away. It’s not fair for that new person to have to fill shoes they don’t understand and it’s not fair to the staff to have to accept someone new so fast. Try to break the work load up among others, who are likely willing to cover for the person who passed to honor their memory.

Allow Service Time Off

Make sure your staff knows that anyone who wants to should attend the services, even if they are during work hours. Those who need to be there in order to move forward and grieve should be able to go. If no one feels they need to go, the boss should make an appearance and perhaps a few others to show support to the family.

Arrange A Memorial

While not everyone will feel comfortable attending a funeral with family members of the co-worker, it is nice to remember that person within the workplace in some way. Gather and share memories. Decorate their office chair with their picture, or do something else to honor their place in the business.

These are a few ways to help you deal with losing a co-worker. It can definitely feel odd and not everyone will know how to act or what to do. If you need some more tips, or perhaps even grief resources, funeral homes in Lancaster, NC can provide those for you. Contact the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services by calling (704) 846-3771. You can also visit us at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 if you want to get a feel for what the funeral will be like.

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