Letting Family In On Your Cremation Services

Posted on November 2, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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cremation services in Matthews, NC

It’s very smart of you to plan out your own cremation services in Matthews, NC in advance. You might do so for your own peace of mind so you know that what you want for your final services, you will have. You might also plan things out for your family members, so they don’t have as many burdens in the future. You can make the plans and you can also pay for them in advance, if you want. That can save your family from the costs and it can also save you money since you will pay today’s prices and not whatever they will be in the future when you actually use the plans. But once the plans are ready, or somewhere along the way in the planning process, you might want to let certain family members in on what you are planning. Here are a few ways to do that.

Take Them Along

While you can make your plans on your own, it can also be nice to take your closest family members along with you. Perhaps your spouse, your oldest child, your sibling, or someone else you want to have in on the situation from the start. They can help you make decisions and be with you at the funeral home as you put things together. If they are involved from the start, you don’t have to inform them later on—they already know.

Have A Family Meeting

You can also gather the important, close family members together, perhaps for a meal or a family meeting, and tell them what you have in mind. It’s important not to combine this announcement with a birthday celebration or a gathering that is meant for other reasons. Let them know what you want to discuss and then tell them what you want for your future so everyone is on the same page. Later on, when you do pass on, it can help having heard it straight from you.

Distribute Plans

Once the funeral home writes up the plans, they will hold one them for you so, in the future, when you pass on, your family just has to call them and the plans will take shape. But they can also give you as many copies as you want. With those copies, you could hand them out to key family members so they can read through them and prepare themselves for what you want in the future.

cremation services in Matthews, NC

Planning your own cremation services in Matthews, NC can feel like a final gift to your family. They don’t have to worry about making plans that you may or may not like. They don’t have to guess and, in fact, they don’t have to do anything but attend the services and honor your memory. Once the plans are ready, you’ll want to decide how to let your family in on what you have in mind for your future. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services can give you more ideas and options.

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