Keeping Your Distance With Funeral Homes

Posted on October 26, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC

Just when you think things with COVID are starting to get better as things open up, you turn on the news and hear the opposite being reported. It’s hard to know what to think, what to do, and how to treat the whole ordeal. What’s even harder is when you have to contact funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC because a loved one has passed away and they need final services. You may want to keep your distance from other people as much as you can, but you have to make plans. Here are a few options to remember:

Plan Online And By Phone

Most of the tasks you will need to take on can be planned online and by phone. Funeral homes can get you all of the paperwork you need to fill out (some of which you might be able to even download from their website) and you can get it in order in the comfort of your own home. You can then drop it at the funeral home or fill it out digitally and send it that way. You can speak to the funeral director by phone and make many decisions that way without having to meet with anyone in person at all.

Meeting In Person With Caution

You can certainly go to the funeral home, get a tour, look at caskets, and make other decisions that you don’t feel you could do remotely. And in person meetings are done with extra care. For one, the funeral director and any other employee will keep their distance so you feel you are safe and protected. Everyone included in the visit can also wear a mask, if you wish, to feel even more protected. These in-person meetings can help you move the plans forward, but they don’t have to feel like a huge risk, either.

Set Up The Right Plans

Not only do you want to keep your distance from the funeral home employees, but the same goes to extended family and friends. That means you might have to set up different final service plans than you would have otherwise. Perhaps you’ll have something small and outdoors that is livestreamed to other family members and friends that aren’t coming in order to keep the number of people attending down to a safer amount. The right plans can help you keep your distance while honoring your loved one.

funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC

Everyone just wants this whole ordeal to be over, but until then, and even after then, funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC have ideas and options to keep everyone safe. We understand that this time in our history makes death even harder. And we want you to get the closure and the chance to say a final goodbye that you deserve. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services will help you figure out what you want to do in order to give your loved one the services they need in a manner that is safe for everyone involved. Honoring a loved one can be a challenge right now, but we’re here to accept that challenge and make it happen.

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