Internment Options

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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Every family wants to do what they can to help give their loved ones the funeral that they feel that they deserve. And the great thing about funerals and the burial process is that there isn’t only one way to do it. The traditional method has been around a long time, but if you are searching for something else, something you feel will better represent your loved one, there are several available options. If you and your family need help to find more information regarding internment options, you can speak to funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC. They will be so happy to help you with any questions you may have.

What Is an Internment Option?

Interring someone is a different way of saying burying them. Interment options would be one of the varieties of ways that a body can be buried. Some of the available options are more known than others.

The Different Types of Internment Options:

Home Burial – A burial that takes place at a home is referred to as a home burial. This means that the person would be buried on private property owned by the family, and not necessarily at the home of a relative. It even includes private cemeteries. You will need to ensure that the laws in your area allow a home burial. Even if they do, there may be a process you will have to follow to bury your deceased loved one on your property.

Traditional Burial – The traditional burial is the one that most people will be familiar with and accustomed to. These burials occur after the funeral. The casket can be made of wood or metal, and the cemetery is the usual burial place for them. If you want to have your family member buried in the ground, that is fine, but there is also the option of being buried in a mausoleum.

Green Burial – Green burials are meant to help the Earth. They are known for using methods that involve fewer chemicals and pollutants. Some of the coffins used in a green burial are often biodegradable.

Nontraditional Burial – Just like there is a traditional burial, there are nontraditional burials. These burials can consist of ash spreadings, burials in rivers, lakes, and oceans, and even having your loved one’s ashes turned into pieces of jewelry that you can wear.funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC

Cremation – A cremation is a well-known form of burial. It is widely used by so many people because of its ease and cost. There are plots at cemeteries where urns can be buried if a family chooses to cremate their loved one. This would be an excellent option for anyone.

The choosing of a form of burial for a loved one is a highly personal decision to make. You are the people who knew them best, so it is you who should have the final say on whether they are buried. There are several options to choose from, each with its own benefits. But if you and your family are looking for help with making a final decision regarding a burial option, you should contact funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC. They would love to help you. Any questions you may have, they can answer them for you.