Ideas To Celebrate Life After Cremation Services

Posted on October 19, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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cremation services in Indian Trail, NC

Most people are familiar with the traditions that go along with a regular funeral service because they’ve attended one, seen the jest of it on TV, or perhaps have even planned such services in the past. And while many people are also familiar with and accepting of cremation services in Indian Trail, NC today, not everyone has had the occasion to attend a celebration of life after a cremation takes place. Final services of any kind should be unique and personalized to the person they are honoring. Celebrations of life are even more customized. Here are some of the things you might want to know about them.

Celebrations of life don’t usually utilize the deceased’s physical presence. They, of course, aren’t there in a casket and they often aren’t even there in an urn, as they might be if you held a memorial service at the funeral home. But there really are no rules so they could be there, if that’s what your family wanted. In fact, the biggest rule of celebrations of life is that there are no rules. Your family can do whatever they want at any time they want.

If you are considering planning an event of this nature, you will want to consider who to invite. Some people like something small and intimate with just immediate family who knew the person who passed on well. Larger celebrations, of course, are also an option. You will want to decide about how many people will attend before you choose a location so you know what size you need.

Life celebrations are often held in a family home, in a restaurant, a park, a banquet hall, or somewhere special to the family. There might be a reason to choose a certain restaurant (it was the loved one’s favorite) or park (they loved to fish there) or it might just feel like a good place size-wise.

One of the most important considerations is how you want to celebrate your loved one’s life. You could use an officiant, or you could have family members share stories as they wish. It could be more informal, as well, and just include a picnic, watching a baseball game, or a swimming party at someone’s house.

It’s nice to include pictures or a memory board of your loved one so everyone has some visuals as they arrive at the event. You could also enjoy their decadent favorite foods, a video of slides, and anything else you want.

cremation services in Indian Trail, NC

There is no shortage of ideas on cremation services in Indian Trail, NC, including celebrations of life. If that feels like the right path to take for your loved one, the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services are here to help. We understand that your loved one was unique and we want you to be able to honor their in the way you see fit. We’ll offer ideas and recommendations once we get to know your family and what paths you might want to take to help you with options.

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