How to GIve a Eulogy At Cremation Services in Matthews, NC

Posted on November 22, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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cremation services in Matthews, NCAnyone who has been asked to prepare a eulogy for cremation services in Matthews, NC, already know the task can loom before them in their mind. Unless they are seasoned public speakers, many would-be eulogy givers would panic at the prospect of speaking in public, even if it’s about someone they truly loved and cared about while the deceased lived. It’s no wonder why the vast majority of Americans would much rather die than speak at a funeral or in any other public forum.

But giving a eulogy for a loved one at cremation services in Matthews, NC can serve a few purposes. First, it can help speed up the process of you gaining closure on the loss. The eulogy can act as the perfect way to say goodbye to someone you really cared about in this lifetime.

Giving a eulogy can also be a good idea if you find yourself struggling with death. From injecting humor into the remarks to learning how to get over the nerves in the moment before you get in front of the microphone, here is how you can give an effective eulogy at a cremation service.

What Was The Deceased Like?

Think about all of the facets of the deceased’s personality when they were in the prime of their life. What gave them joy more than anything else? Who were the people in their life who could always put a smile on their face? What was their overarching life purpose? What got them out of bed every single morning?

Under these circumstances, it’s more than okay to inject a little levity into the eulogy. After all, funerals don’t have to be a completely somber affair. As a matter of fact, laughter at a funeral or cremation service is a sign that many, many people loved the deceased and that they have a ton of joyful memories that they can always access when they feel overcome with grief.

The Length of the Eulogy

A eulogy will usually last between five and ten minutes in length. While the people at the cremation service loved and cared about the deceased, ensure that your eulogy doesn’t go over the ten-minute mark. Attendees will get distracted and a funeral or cremation service won’t change that.cremation services in Matthews, NC

Keeping a eulogy short can be the perfect way to not only alleviate some of your anxiety around public speaking, and you can still tell a few stories about the deceased while keeping the attention of the attendees.

Also, practice giving the eulogy before the actual cremation service. When writing your remarks, try to write like you would speak to a friend. This will make you sound more natural. As you gain more confidence in the giving of the eulogy, you might feel the urge to improvise a bit. If you feel you can do this without boring the attendees too much, try and go for it. But always keep in mind that a eulogy is not a stump speech or a comedy show.

Giving a eulogy at cremation services in Matthews, NC is a nerve-wracking affair. As you write the eulogy for your loved one, let us help with all aspects of the burial process. For more information on how we can help you and your family guide you through the burial and remembrance of your deceased loved one, call or visit our Matthews, NC facility during normal business hours.