Helping Teenagers Grieve

Posted on January 14, 2019 by Karen Reardon under Cremations, Funeral Home
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Teenagers often experience the death of a loved one, perhaps a grandparent, a great grandparent, or someone even closer in their family. When they are faced with a service at a Matthews, NC funeral home and cremations provider, they might deal with it differently than a child or even an adult. They have fragile self-identities and their feelings come out in a variety of ways. As an adult in the life of a teenager who is going through the grief process, use these tips to help them through the worst of it.  

Tell Them It’s Okay To “Be Weak” 

Many teenagers feel they need to be strong when someone they love passes on. They have complex feelings already, but they might feel like they should hold it together for the sake of others. It might not be “cool” for them to cry or to lean on anyone. Some teens are even told to be strong and to carry on because that’s what the deceased would have wanted. The teen, however, may have crushed feelings inside and they need to mourn and let those emotions out Tell the teen in your life it’s okay and even natural and healthy to cry and feel hurt during this difficult time.  

Don’t Let Support Lack 

When you think of the people in your life, you know you have a support system. Children likely have it as well since their parents pay close attention to what’s going on with them. When it comes to teens, the support system could be lacking. They are more grown up than children and their parents might not pay close attention—and with good reason as most teens try to push their parents away. But when someone passes on, the teen in your family might not feel like they can go to their friends. And they might not feel completely comfortable with adults, either. Make sure you let them know you are there to support them, whatever it is that they need. And don’t give up when they tell you they’re fine. Keep offering your help until they take it.  

Understand The Unique Challenges 

Teens are in those awkward, in between years where they aren’t children any longer, but they aren’t really adults yet, either. They have a lot of physical changes going on and their emotions may already be all over the board. Throw a death in the family into the mix and that heightens things even more. Teens don’t think like children any longer, but their brains still aren’t fully formed, either. Understand how unique their challenge is during this difficult time and do what you can to help them through it.  

If you have a teen in the family who is going through a tough time after the death of someone they loved, contact Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services at (704) 846-3771 for resources to help. We are a Matthew, NC funeral home and cremations provider located at 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104 and we want to help with final services and beyond.