Good Decorum for Cremation Services

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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If you have attended plenty of funerals in the past, but you are about to attend your first cremation services in Matthews, NC, you might wonder how they are different. You are comfortable enough with funerals because you have been to enough of them. But what’s different about cremation services? There could be various things that are different, but there are also some similar things. Here are a few items of good decorum that you can observe, even with a cremation service.

Find Out Gift Preferences

It’s a tradition to send flowers or some kind of gift to the family in mourning. Flowers are the most popular, but some families have enough and prefer another gift, like a charitable donation. Try to find out what the family prefers so you can go along with their requests. There might be something in the obituary or you can call the funeral home holding the cremation service and ask them if the family has any requests. Make sure you send a card along with whatever you decide to present so they know who sent the gift.

Ask About Attire

When you are talking to the funeral home about gifts, you might also want to ask about the dress code. While funerals are easy to figure out, cremation services can range in their dress. Some families want things formal, like funerals, while others might ask for people to wear bright colors to celebrate their loved one’s thirst for joy in life. Whatever the family wants people to wear, try to fit in with respect to their wishes.

Sign The Guest Book

If there is a guest book at the cremation service, sign it. It is a way for the family to look back and remember who all came to memorialize their loved one. Some families have books while others might put out a memory board or something else to sign. Whatever they want you to sign, try and do so since that is what they have asked.

Speak To The Familycremation services in Matthews, NC

You don’t have to have anything large and important to say, but it is nice to reach out to the family while you are there and offer your sympathy. You can simply tell them you are sorry for their loss and that you will be thinking of them. Just knowing you are there and that you support them in what they are going through can mean a lot to them.

There might be other things that you will want to include in your attendance of cremation services in Matthews, NC that you wouldn’t with a regular service. You can talk to the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services about those things and ask questions about the specific things the service you will be attending is planning to include. We can help you figure out if there are other things you might want to do, or things you can avoid so that you are able to fit in and show your respect to the family in mourning.

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