Funeral Home Suggestions For Urns After Ash Scattering

Posted on February 8, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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Once you talk to the professionals at funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC about a loved one’s death, you will realize that there are many things you can do. You might choose cremation for that person and then, you decide to scatter their ashes. You don’t have to buy an urn, but if you want to have a memorial service for them, perhaps you’d like to have something present at that service. After you scatter their ashes, what should you do with the urn? Here are a few suggestions the funeral home might have.

Save It To Use Again

Perhaps you will want to keep the urn in the family to use again down the road. If the person’s spouse passes away, for example, the same urn could be used and then you could scatter their ashes in the same location. It could become somewhat of a family tradition to use the same urn, especially when scattering is the end result and the urn is empty again.

Display It At Home

You can use an urn for a display piece or perhaps transform it into a flower vase or something else. You could keep fresh flowers in it or place silk flower in it to make it look nice at all times. It’s a meaningful way to remember your loved one. If you want the urn to become a vase, keep that in mind when you choose the material. Many materials will work, but you won’t want to choose wood. If you don’t think of this idea until later, you can still use a wood urn as a vase for silk flowers.

Donate It

Urns cost money and if you aren’t planning to use the urn again, you could donate it back to the funeral home or some other location for someone else to use it. There might be families who want to get a special urn for their loved one, but they can’t afford it. Having an urn donated to them can mean a lot. They are able to give their loved one what they want without having to pay extra.

funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC

There are plenty of other things you can do with an urn after you scatter your loved one’s ashes. The professionals in funeral homes in Waxhaw, NC are here to help you figure out what you want to do so you have good ideas in mind. We can give you suggestions and ideas until you find one that is fitting for your family. At Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services, we are here to help you with every aspect of the process from start to finish, even deciding what to do with your loved one’s urn after you scatter their ashes. We have a lot of other things you might need along the way, like grief resources and compassionate support. We know this situation is hard and we will be here for you the whole way through. Call us to get advice any time you need it.

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