Downsides to Direct Cremation In Charlotte, NC

Posted on November 5, 2018 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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Charlotte, NC direct cremation

If you are in charge of a loved one’s final services, you might think Charlotte, NC direct cremation is the right option. While direct cremation has distinct advantages, you don’t want to move forward with something of this nature until you are absolutely sure that it is the right path. Take a little time to examine the downsides to direct cremation with your funeral home and see if it really is the right fit. Here are a few ‘cons’ to direct cremation. 

The Mourning Time is Cut Back  

After someone in your family dies, you need to take some time to mourn. Part of that can be attending services and grieving with those you love. With direct cremation, your loved one’s body is not going to be at any service you hold. That can be hard for some people to grasp. Or, there may not be any services at all, which can make things even harder. This is the right choice for some families, but make sure you are okay with how things operate with a direct cremation under a funeral home.  

There Isn’t a Service Before Cremation 

Depending on your family, some people feel like a visitation helps with grief. They get to see their loved one for one final time before they are cremated or buried. With direct cremation, there is no such visitation service before cremation takes place. Your loved one passes on and is cremated very soon after that. Once cremation takes place, you can have a memorial if you’d like, but there is no way to have the body present for anything in any way other than ash form.  

There Are Still Expenses 

While direct cremation is the most cost-effective way to deal with someone’s passing, there are still things you will have to pay for in order to get everything in order. You might want to purchase an urn, for example, to keep your loved one, store them until you have a memorial, or display them in your home. You might also want a burial plot for the urn. You can even arrange any type of memorial you want, but there will be expenses involved. Some people choose direct cremation because it is the cheapest method, but there are still expenses.  

You Can’t Reverse the Process 

Once you choose direct cremation and the cremation takes place, there’s no going back. That’s why it’s absolutely necessary for you to be positive this is how you want to move forward.  

The professionals at Heritage Funeral & Cremation Services can help you with direct cremation in Charlotte, NC or any other funeral service you would like for your loved one. We are a full-service funeral home that will help you with the preparations every step of the way. We have three locations including: 3700 Forest Lawn Dr Matthews, NC 28104, 16151 Lancaster Hwy Charlotte, NC 28277, and 4431 Old Monroe Rd Indian Trail, NC 28079. You can call us at any of our locations: (704) 846-3771 in Matthews, (704) 714-1540 in Charlotte, and (704) 821-2960 in Indian Trail.

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