Does Cremation Involve Embalming? And Other Questions You Might Have About the Cremation Process!

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While cremation services in Waxhaw, NC, don’t require an embalming process, family and friends can still request a loved one be embalmed for public viewing or funeral services. If you are planning to have funeral services for your loved one before the cremation process, embalming is a method of preservation to slow decomposition and make it possible for friends and family to better view the deceased one last time before cremation.

Cremation has been a method of deceased disposal for centuries, but the first documented case with traditional crematorium services dates back to 1769 in London. The first-ever process was illegal because many people condemned that kind of bodily disposal, but cremation has gained popularity over the decades.

Despite the popularity of cremation, there’s still a lot that most people don’t know about the process. Consider this article a brief FAQ to learn more about cremation and how it could be a good option for disposal after the death of a loved one.

How Long Does the Cremation Process Take?

On average, the cremation process takes three to four hours. However, the processing of the body takes a prior one to two hours, and then receiving the cremated remains could take anywhere from four to fifteen days. Ergo, the whole process from beginning to end could last for two weeks before the ashes are returned to a loved one.

What are Cremated Remains? What do Loved Ones Get Back in the Form of Ashes?

In short, cremated remains, or ashes, are pulverized bone fragments after the cremation process has burned off bodily fluids and carbon matter. The burning process sterilizes the remains, making them safe for burial, display in an urn, or scattering after the ashes are back with family.

Why Do People Choose Cremation Over Burial?

  • Cremation is often a simpler process than burial because there are no digging or burial setups that require heavy lifting of a casket and transference of the deceased into the ground.
  • It can take up to 50 years for a human body to decompose under the ground – casket and all. Cremation is often more environmentally friendly.
  • Cremation is more cost-effective and affordable for friends and family.
  • People can leisurely plan funeral services or celebrations of life after a cremation instead of being in a hurry for a public viewing or traditional funeral.

Can Friends and Family be Present for the Cremation?

Sometimes. It depends on the funeral home and crematorium providing the cremation services. When in doubt, ask if you and your loved ones can be present during the cremation process. You won’t see the entire process, but it can be arranged for close family and friends to see their loved one placed in a crematory or retort.cremation services in Waxhaw, NC

Cremations are thorough and safe, allowing the proper disposal of the deceased without the hindrance of caskets and burial plots. People, especially those going through the grieving process, try to avoid becoming too immersed and involved in the funerary process after a loved one has passed. However, it can be a form of healing in and of itself. It’s important to understand every avenue you could take in the care of funeral and disposal services after the death of someone you loved.

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