Cremation Service Gives More Time for Planning and Services

Posted on January 17, 2022 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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funeral homes in Indian Trail, NCThe world seems to turn upside down when you plan a funeral. It can make it difficult for those who wish to attend to make travel arrangements. Cremation services give more time for planning and for the services to take place. This convenience is one of many reasons why so many look at this option. There seems to be very little time to address the decisions to be made. It is hard to notify everyone about the death and when services will be held. Unfortunately, lots of people can’t drop everything to come to a service in a few days. Funeral homes in Indian Trail, NC can help because you have more time for planning and for the services to take place.

Take Your Time to Plan

Decisions for a funeral are emotional. It is hard to do with little sleep, little appetite, and also looking at finances. Cremation services give you more time to go over the options and to make a plan. It gives you time to think about the pros and cons of what has been offered before you move forward.

Services at the Right Location

With a burial, the body has to be put in the ground soon. Even with the processing of the body, it can start to decay quickly. Cremation gives you the chance to have services weeks or even months later. This can make it possible to have the service at a location the deceased loved. Perhaps it is during their favorite season of the year. There isn’t a rush to complete the service.

Moving the date for a memorial service when someone has been cremated is increasingly common. Many family members feel this gives them time to gather photos, make a video, choose songs, and not feel overwhelmed. They also feel like they remember more of the service rather than just being numb through all of it because of their grief.

Consider Cremation for Creative Plans

When someone passes away, following through with their wishes is important. Sometimes, it is impossible to do what they asked unless you have more time. For example, they may have a desire to spend eternity at the beach. When the weather is cold and bitter, you may not be able to get them to that location until spring. Cremation allows for creative planning.

COVID-19 made it hard to have travel plans, even for funeral services. Many families choose to hold off on servicesfuneral homes in Indian Trail, NC until a later date. They felt it would give everyone who loved the deceased a chance to come together at that time. Cremation services can help with creative plans by processing the body, giving the remains to the family, and they can help plan a service at a time that fits better.

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