Choosing Your Loved One’s Final Service Outfit

Posted on May 17, 2021 by Karen Reardon under Funeral Home
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What your loved one wears to their final service is very personal and it might also be very important to you. If you are having services with funeral homes in in Matthews, NC for them, the first thing you want to think about is whether or not they will be seen. If you are having a visitation and/or funeral, others will likely see them so that’s important to consider. With a direct cremation, only you will know what they were wearing. But it’s still important either way. Keep these tips in mind to help you choose something that feels just right.


Remember Their Personality

Your loved one was unique and they had a certain style in their clothing. You will want to remember that and their personality when you choose something for them to wear to their final service or into their cremation. If your loved one loathed dressing up and never wore anything fancier than jeans, there’s no way you want to put them in a suit and tie or a dress because you know it just isn’t them. Their personality and the style they had during their time on earth can advise you as to what you might have them wear for this occasion.


Consider Their Religion

There might be certain things you want them to wear or not wear because of their religious beliefs. If you aren’t of the same faith, make sure you check with their religious leader for advice so you can do things they way they would have wanted in that area.


Think About Other Burial Items To Include

Outside of what they are wearing, you might want to think of other things to include with their burial attire, if you wish. If they wore glasses, or example, you might want them to wear those to their final services so they look as they did when they were alive. You might also place wedding bands on their fingers and so on. Remember, these items can be removed before the burial, if you wish to keep them, but they can be present for the funeral and visitation to give them the look they had during their life.

funeral homes in in Matthews, NC


Remember The Service Style

The service style is also going to inform what your loved one should wear. If you are doing something informal, you don’t want to dress them to the nines. On the other side, if you are having something formal, them in flannel pajamas might not fit in very well.


If you are having trouble making decisions around funeral homes in Matthews, NC when a loved one has passed away, that’s understandable. The professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services are here to help you every step of the way. While we can’t tell you what your loved one should wear, we can offer ideas and suggestions from our experience and we will support whatever you end up choosing as you move forward with honoring your loved one in the way you see fit.

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