A Guide To Words For A Grieving Person

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Karen Reardon under Cremations
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It makes sense that when you walk into a funeral homes in Matthews, NC, you don’t necessarily feel very comfortable. Death isn’t a topic most people like to bring up and it makes sense that you don’t like talking about it or even thinking about it. But when a friend loses a loved one, going to the final service is a very nice thing to do. You can pay your respects and show your support in a way that nothing else can really do. While you are there, you might get the opportunity to say a few words to your friend. This guide will help you choose the right words if you are at a loss.

I’m Sorry For Your Loss

It might seem generic and cliché to you, but it’s genuine and very true and there’s nothing wrong with saying that, giving a tight hug, and leaving it at that. It’s a classic phrase that works well in these occasions and will never go bad.

Let Me Help (Fill In The Blank)

Your friend might have needs, but they aren’t going to track you down and ask you to do something. Instead, if you see a need, fill it in. You might offer to deliver the flowers after the service, serve at the reception, drive their kids to school for a few weeks, or any number of other things. Even little things can mean a lot to your friend and help you show your sympathy even more.

I’m Here To Listen

Your friend knows you are there to support them and while they may not have a lot of time to talk at the final services, telling them that you are willing and able to listen to their thoughts later can mean a lot, too. Perhaps call them a week or so after the final service if over and ask them if they want to chat. Let them guide the conversation. If they want to share memories of their loved one, let them. If they need to vent emotions, be a shoulder to cry on. Letting them know that you’re a willing listener can be just what they need later on.

I’m Here For You

This is another nice thing to say that reiterates the fact. They know you are there for them because, well, you showed up to the funeral home in the first place. But telling them again can help them to see that fact and reach out to you later, perhaps.

There are other things you could say and plenty of things you should avoid saying. If you need help with things you might want to say, funeral homes in Matthews, NC can help. We get that attending final services can feel awkward at times and the professionals at Heritage Funeral and Cremation Services are here to organize final services as well as help those surrounding the grieving to support them in whatever way possible. We’re here for every angle of compassion.